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Offering complete labour management:

  • SchedulingEasy to create, copy and change employee schedules
  • Employee
    Self Service
    A web portal for employees to view schedules, request vacation time and more
  • Manage By ExceptionEmail alerts, desktop alerts, schedule VS actual, swipe exceptions, “exceptions” report writer
  • Full AutomationOvertime calculations, stat holiday pay, premium pay lunch deductions, pre-programmed rate increases, email alert delivery
  • Stat Holiday Calculation

    Works with user-defined rules that are ESA compliant across the country

  • Extensive Reporting

    Over 300 reports available

  • Security & Audit Controls

    Allows security privileges for multiple users, and provides an audit trail that date-stamps any changes by user

  • Employee Self Service Portal

    Web-based employee self-service access that allows employees to view and request time off, clock in and clock out, and much more

  • Exception Management

    Save time with our exception management tools which will ensure that you only deal with the “unexpected”. The Daily Time Approval page is designed to enable hundreds of swipes to be reviewed and approved in minutes. Our email alert engine and our exception click & pick report writer enable you to “zero in” on the unique challenges relating to your employee’s time recording and payroll

  • Seamless Payroll Export

    A one-step process that transfers timecard information directly to Deluxe Payroll, avoiding duplicate entry, errors and saving you hours of data entry time.

  • Time Management and Scheduling

    Featuring user-defined rules that allow you to automatically round-in and round-out times, calculate daily, weekly, bi-monthly or rolling overtime, as well as automatically deduct breaks, apply premium pay and much more.

  • Time Capture

    We offer a wide array of electronic time recorders as well as a suite of web-based time logging/entry applications. From simple swipe to detailed time sheet entry you can mix and match how your employees record their time for you.

Advanced Tracker

  • Hand punch

    Biometric Time Clocks
    for hand

    Your employees indicate their arrivals and departures by entering a PIN and placing their hand on the device.

  • Timestamps near Reading

    Timestamps near

    Your employees indicate their arrivals and departures via a proximity card to the device.

  • Biometric Time Clocks for face

    Biometric Time Clocks
    for face

    Your employees indicate their arrivals and departures by placing their face in front of the camera.