Franchise Payroll Services

By partnering with NEBS you provide additional value to your franchisees at no cost to your head office. As a trusted partner, your franchisees receive a money saving offer, access to outside sales representatives for consultation, marketing support and so much more.

NEBS helps your franchisees focus on their business while having absolute confidence that their payroll is ready!

Benefits for your franchises:

  • A payroll service with a 93% customer retention rate
  • Security
  • Worldwide access
  • Customer support excellence
  • Automatic tax table and system updates
  • Online inputs
  • Real time calculation
  • Records of Employment completed on client's behalf
  • T4's and T4A's completed on client's behalf
  • Calculate manual cheque feature
  • Superior payroll reporting

Benefits for your head office:

  • Assurance that your franchisees will remain government compliant.
  • Confidence that your franchisees are spending their valuable time serving their customers and growing their business.
  • Confidence in recommending a trusted partner and being sure that your franchisees will receive the best support each step of the way.
  • Providing franchisees with a special offer with the franchisor endorsement.


Today's complicated requirements for payroll can be overwhelming. NEBS can help remove your membership's payroll headaches.

It's easy to use, secure and convenient. With NEBS, you can be sure that your payroll will be managed accurately, efficiently and on-time, giving you the confidence that your payroll meets all provincial and federal guidelines while franchises maintain complete control.

Your franchisees are your greatest assets in the continued growth of your franchise system. New franchisees are attracted by the additional support services a franchisor offers — making it easier for them to focus on revenue generation to help grow their individual businesses.

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As a franchise partner NEBS Canada can offer a "total partnership solution" to your franchisees. Across the NEBS umbrella of companies we can provide comprehensive print solutions and ebusiness portals, web hosting services, logo design, incorporation services and much more.

To become part of our Franchise Program, call us today at:

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