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Any business looking to reduce payroll administration and increase overall efficiency would benefit from using PAYweb.ca.

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Not only will you reduce your operating costs and streamline your business processes; but you will enjoy many services.

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Why Outsource your payroll needs

Still running your payroll inhouse? Find out why more and more small businesses are outsourcing their payroll.

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NEBS PAYweb.ca has been Canada's trusted payroll services provider since 1967.

When you choose NEBS PAYweb.ca, you are trusting your Canadian small business payroll to a team of experts. Simply access our online payroll management solution from any Internet connection and input your payroll information. It's that easy!

More small businesses in Canada are choosing NEBS PAYweb.ca for the security and freedom of an online payroll service.

Reduce your operating costs and streamline your business processes with NEBS PAYweb.ca.

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» Pay Stub Options
» Flexible Deposit Options
» Over 50 FREE Reports
» Filing of Government Remittances
» Unlimited Support